As business owners, we all have a desire to be stronger leaders, do work we love and get more done in less time so that we can enjoy life.

But when you step into a day-to-day series of activities, habits or tasks you’re NOT wired for, it affects everything around you, from interpersonal dynamics with your team to your company’s bottom line. Think about it: it takes a lot of excess energy to uphold draining, counter-productive habits – precious energy that could be devoted to revenue-generating efforts.

Wouldn’t you like to know the personal qualities that are responsible for driving business growth and the ones that are responsible for sabotaging it?

Wouldn’t you like to know the hidden talents you already possess -- that are imprinted on your DNA -- that you can easily leverage to hit the profit zone consistently?

Instantly get a comprehensive view of your business DNA – find out your natural wiring for success.

  • Get better business results
  • Increase your profit
  • Determine what roles give you energy, inspire you and what roles demotivate you
  • Know your most profitable gifts and the roles they play in YOUR business
  • Identify your weaknesses as a business owner
  • Understand the different styles of your staff and their natural strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improve staff communication
  • Improve sales
  • Build better relationships

The Business DNA Indicator is not a magic formula or a cookie-cutter business strategy. You may have tried other assessments in the past, however they only take you further and further away from your natural, all-powerful abilities by trying to force you into one mold or another. They think that if it works for others, it must work for you, right? (Wrong!)

Instead, our quick 5 minute assessment is a life-changing analysis of the cognitive, behavioural and instinctive strengths that will predictably charge up your business profit, combined with the natural qualities that will consistently keep you on top of your game.

The results of the assessment will help you shift your current perspective of business operations, growth and leadership, and take a step in the right direction. When you know your strengths, you can them capitalize on them and become the powerful and purposeful leader you were naturally designed to be.

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Once you register, you will receive an email with your personal username and password. You will use these credentials to log into our secure assessment app. After completing the assessment, the app will generate your report immediately. The report is yours to keep and can be downloaded for future reference.


There’s no right or wrong on this test. It has been designed purely to measure the business instinct, gifts, talents and abilities that will help you succeed in the workplace. Out of hundreds of personality, performance and leadership tests, THIS one is very unique. By honing in on instinct and natural wiring, understanding the behaviors and actions you will automatically do and excel at, regardless of circumstance, will be the wake up call you need in order to achieve more.

A business owner who can clearly understand and is passionately using their own gifts, talents and instincts will spontaneously elevate their business and the people around them.


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